Once upon a time, in a small dark room up some windy stairs in the centre of Dublin, there was a little Edinburgh Preview show about a murderous cat, a friendly vampire and some other things that happened. Shane Langan, from Diet of Worms, is your guide for an engaging and hilarious trip through beginnings, middles and ends. Shane's taking his show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival and he needs to make sure it's not terrible. These FREE preview shows will be taking place upstairs in The International Bar, Wicklow Street at 6.30pm on Monday June 29th, Wednesday July 1st and Saturday July 4th.  Shane's debut solo show Not Also, But Only is the story of a year in the life of an aspiring writer. Too old now to be considered precocious and displaying a depressingly low level of the genius he always just assumed he possessed, Shane has found life as a 'writer' (i.e. someone who doesn't do anything else) a little less magical and a lot harder than he had originally imagined.