Nick Höppner has been Djing since 97 but he has been to Berlin in 2001, he became a resident at the first Panorama Bar and played regularly in different clubs like the Watergate among others. Having been a fervent follower of Jungle/Drum'n'Bass in the early 90s, the first releases on Perlon or Kompakt implanted the straight kick in his head to a lasting effect. From 1999 to 2002, Höppner has been working as an editor for Groove Magazine, followed by a job at Berlin based Electronica label Morr Music. Since 2005, Höppner is completely focusing on being a fulltime dj and producer. He runs the project MyMy with his partner Lee Jones. They have released five eps and their critically acclaimed debut album "Songs For The Gentle" on Playhouse so far. He is also the lable manager Ostgut Ton one Germany's pioneering electronic labels. Nick Höppner plays The Underground @ Kennedy's on Monday March 16th. Support on the night comes Giles K (jacKit!!) and Phil Long.