The Purty Kitchen in Temple Bar rounds off its most successful year to date with a massive party on New Years Eve, that is setting the way for other clubs to follow. Tickets are now on sale and are still only €10, the same as any other night in The Purty. There'll be a live band, Dublin's craziest ' Totally Wired '(Adam Sandler's official dublin backing band!!) and they are then followed by top DJ Ray Shah. The theme for the night is Saints And Sinners, and there are tons of prizes on the night and a special prize for top SINNER, so get your creative thinking  caps on! Despite the current economic gloom, this temple bar flagship club has continued to go from strength to strength under the stewardship of proprietor Conor Martin. With 6 floors now open 6 nights a week, with live music in the bar  EVERY night, and a kicking club upstairs, it's little wonder it's full every night.