The National Sculpture Factory plans to launch its newly commissioned Temporary Projects in the Docklands on Cork's inaugural Culture Night 2008 on 19th September.  Three newly-commissioned artworks will be on exhibition for three weeks at Kennedy's Quay.  Artists Sorcha O'Brien, Eli Caamano, Seamus Nolan and Inigo Manglano-Ovalle are currently developing projects that engage with the site in a temporal way. Cork-based artists, O'Brien and Caamano, are working collaboratively and have proposed to install five spherical balloons (between 12 and 20 foot in diameter) on the tops of buildings in the docklands area along Kennedy's Quay.  The lightness of touch that the balloon sculptures will convey will provide a counterpoint to the heavy and dense architectural blocks that comprise the docklands landscape and will be visible from many changing vantage points all over the city. Seamus Nolan will develop a public artwork in collaboration with the available resources of the docklands and also with the dockers employed in the area. Inigo Manglano-Ovalle has proposed to suspend a sea container from a crane, so that it is neither arriving nor leaving, echoing the 'state of suspension' of the docklands itself. The temporary artworks will be in situ until 10th October.