Whether it's castles, crafts, music or stories, National Heritage Week aims to involve you in something unique and memorable. Medieval fairs, night-time bat walks, wildlife walks and traditional music sessions, storytelling, historical re-enactments, and workshops for children; Heritage Week is a feast of events offering something for everyone and many of the events are especially for the family. This is a time to discover some of Ireland's hidden gems as well as a great time to visit those iconic sites you have always been meaning to. Heritage Week is about bringing heritage to life, sharing in the enthusiasm of those who cherish our nature and our history, and taking part in something that has shaped you. Learn about Ireland's multi-cultural past, its great ruins, unique stories, hidden histories and so much more.

During the week 1500 events take place all across Ireland from the capital city to small villages, and many of them are free. 400 private historic homes are open for the first time during Heritage Week and every year during the week a number of colourful competitions on www.heritageweek.ie. The website gives you an opportunity to test your knowledge about Ireland's heritage or submit some photos you think capture the spirit of what makes a place so distinctly Irish.