Mystery Jets raid their record boxes for their second visit to Transmission. One of the less orthodox bands spawned by the London music scene, their 2nd album Twenty One is a infectious indie pop classic. Produced predominately by DJ legend Erol Alkan 'Twenty One' is a huge stylistic and emotional leap forward for the band. Largely abandoning the prog-influenced weirdness of their debut album, 'Twenty One' is a sleek collection of oddball pop born of Erol's willingness to road-test new tracks at his now-defunct Trash night. The first fruits of the band's collaboration with Alkan appeared in December 2006, when they gave away copies of a limited-edition vinyl-only seven inch with 'Umbrellahead ' and 'Half In Love With The Radio' on to MySpace competition winners. One of the reasons for keeping things simple was that the band wanted to concentrate on the art of writing pop songs, rather than throwing songs together as studio jams as they had done previously. The inspiration for this came from a source that many people might be surpised by, especially considering the Mystery Jets' former reputation as saucer-eyed Pink Floyd fans. The Mystery Jets DJ sets are as eclectic and varied as their influences with one eye keenly on the dancefloor, surprising many with their mix of classic rave, house and indie. They play a special DJ set at the Button Factory on August 8th. Admission is €10. Doors 11pm