Eyecatching turns in high-profile hits like Inglourious Basterds and Goodbye Lenin! Have confirmed Daniel Brühl as one of Germany’s most popular young stars. Now he steps centre-stage, alongside compatriot, Hannah Herzsprung, for this irresistible romantic comedy about a hapless waiter who becomes an overnight literary sensation without having written so much as a single word.

David Kern (Brühl) is a waiter and a decidedly unliterary nobody. His one true passion is Marie (Herzsprung), who loves literature and is hopelessly out of his league. When David finds an unpublished manuscript, written in the 1950’s, he shows the manuscript to Marie, hoping to woo her.

Things take quite a turn, however, when Marie approaches a publisher with the manuscript who agrees to publish. The book comes out to critical acclaim and becomes a massive commercial hit, catapulting David onto the literary scene in a manner he could not have foreseen. And, while he struggles in the limelight, Marie is, at least, suitably smitten by ‘his’ literary genius.

Under the careful eye of director, Alain Gsponer, My Words, My Lies – My Love is that rarest of beasts; a romantic comedy that will appeal equally to both sexes as will the confident and charismatic pairing of Brühl and Herzsprung.

Presented in cooperation with the Goethe-institut Irland