Award-winning writer Paul Fraser (Somerstown, Dead Man’s Shoes) makes his directorial debut with this richly atmospheric story of family, love, loss and growing up, scripted by Galway-based screenwriter Will Collins and produced by Rebecca O’Flanagan and Rob Walpole (The Eclipse).

Set over Halloween weekend in 1987, My Brothers is the story of three young brothers’ epic quest to replace their dying father’s watch. Noel is seventeen, serious, weighed down by responsibility. Eleven-year-old Paudie is cocky, not so bright and dreams of playing in goals for Liverpool and the youngest is seven-year-old Scwally – naïve and obsessed with Star Wars (despite never actually having seen the films).

Using a battered bread van, the brothers embark on a journey across the wild Irish landscape, grappling with grinding gears, dodgy electrics and sibling tensions to get to an arcade machine in the small Irish seaside town of Ballybunion, where an identical watch resides.

The brothers battle to face each trial they encounter, except the inevitable, which they cannot even discuss and whose dark presence informs the quieter moments of this funny and heartfelt drama.

Galway Film Fleadh

Paul Fraser will attend the screening