Emelda is forty-six years old, struggling to cope with life after her husband Charlie left her for a twenty-three year old dancer. Her five difficult sons worship their father and blame Emelda for his leaving. On top of everything else, she has to struggle with a new job at the local supermarket. For comfort she turns to her only true friend - ice-cream. Sitting on her battered 25 year old sofa eating her way through another tub of "Ben and Jerrys", mourning all that she's lost, she hears the gentle tinkling sound that sends children rushing outside. The soothing sounds of a Mr. Whippy van arrive at just the right time for Emelda, only now it's not just the ice-cream that is her only true friend... City Theatre Dublin & MCD present the Cecelia Ahern's first play MRS WHIPPY on tour around the country from February 5th until May 23rd. See our theatre listings for details of a performance near you.