For his exhibition Moving Deaths, Gavin Murphy invokes a web spun from various sources - Ludwig Boltzmann's theories relating to entropy and probability; the doodles of pioneering film distributor W.W. Hodkinson; man (and art's) relationship with nature; texts by or found in, Delmore Schwartz, Milan Kundera, Nietzsche, and Montaigne; and the plastic possibilities of cinematic structures and mise en scène. As a dialogue between generations of thought and representation, the work is formed upon meandering connections, yet is as much about the removal of the links between things. Carefully setting up a series of playful oppositions, Murphy's aesthetic methodology relies on prior knowledge, yet eschews any attempt toward the didactic. In turn, his work celebrates the inevitable uncertainty that is, in a post-enlightenment world, the reward of investigation. The result betrays a compulsive need to create structure and order, while at the same time giving in to the notion that these very actions are futile. This exhibition runs in The Lab, Dublin until 6th December.