'A satire on biblical films, mass hysteria, and sandals, The Life of Brian introduces us to the eponymous Brian, a Jew in Roman-occupied Judea. Our unfortunate hero is mistaken for a prophet and becomes a very reluctant messiah. Banned in Ireland from its release in 1979 until 1987, The Life of Brian is one of the funniest and most quoted films about the socio-political context of first-century Palestine.'
Altogether now, 'He’s a very naughty boy!'

Enjoy all the sights, tastes and sounds of cinema outdoors, including popcorn, hotdogs and a full bar. We recommend that you dress for the weather. For those of you who may feel a little chilly, the festival will provide a limited supply of warm snug fleece blankets (on a first come, first served basis) but we recommend you dress warmly, and bring along your own blankets.