The only collection of Mo Kelly's this year and the last before exhibiting across the United States in the 2009. On 11th December, you get to see why Mo Kelly has sold out over a dozen exhibitions, been asked to present to the Taoiseach (twice) and why Sienna Miller calls her "A rock n' roll Modigliani". Mo Kelly has exhibited to much acclaim for her ability to capture the abstract and melancholic view of life. Her work is figurative and landscape based and is heavily inspired by new places and cities she has traveled to and the books and poetry she has read. The titles in this collection have been inspired by her late mothers favorite poems. She has performed at her openings adding a self-created ambience to her exhibitions, during this next exhibition the soundtrack will be selected and mixed by the artist herself. As both a musician and artist, Miss Kelly is steeped in the cultural and creative art scene in Ireland's capital. Her work has been geared towards capturing the energy and style of a vibrant musically infused city that is constantly in a state of flux. Night time also features heavily in Mo's work, her fascination with the trickery of twilight on her landscape scenes brings an other worldly dimension to her paintings. Her use of gold and silver leaf highlights this fascination with light and shape. Mo works in mixed media using oils, acrylic, pastels and charcoal. The exhibition runs from 11th to 26th December in Green Ninteteen, Camden Street.