NY pop-punk quartet The Rapture have been trail blazing since their 2002 dance floor stomper 'House of the Jealous Lovers'. Three years after the release of their much-lauded debut, "Echoes", the New York four-piece returned in 2006 with a new long-player, "Pieces of the People We Love" which was preceded by the spectacular single, "Get Myself Into It". Knuckling down to writing duties upon their return to New York, the group emerged in a confident stride with 30 songs in their pocket and an itch to get into the studio. they took these songs into the studio with Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Futureheads) and Ewan Pearson (mixer for Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode) in Manhattan, and then with Danger Mouse in L.A. What's come out of these sessions is an album that winds a course from pop-funk smash to psychedelic. The record is the sound of a band more focused, having too much fun and without a thought to any hipster pre-conceptions that might be held of them. The Rapture have been building a new studio and the first fruits of their new musical labours might be dropped at this special DJ set in CrawDaddy on September 19th. Tickets are €22.50, doors open at 11.30pm.