From the creative team behind the acclaimed Freefall (Best Play, Best Director, Irish Times Theatre Awards 2009), Dublin’s diverse and exciting ensemble theatre company, The Corn Exchange, presents Man of Valour, a one-man action movie, created by Michael West, Annie Ryan and Paul Reid.

Farrell Blinks is an office drone with an overactive fantasy gland. His imagined, heroic adventures offer violent release from the pressures and boredom of his ordinary life — until the border between fantasy and reality begins to blur. When his demons come after him, Farrell has to find his voice and face them down.

Backed by an award-winning creative team, Man of Valour is a breathtaking performance by Paul Reid (RTE’s RAW) in the unique transformational style of The Corn Exchange.

“Superbly directed by Annie Ryan, this is a virtuosic performance by Reid” Irish Theatre Magazine