Concerned by the Credit Crunch? Reeling from the Recession? Depressed by the Downturn? Well here's the remedy - there's a new "wagalicious" musical comedy coming to brighten up the New Year. Macbecks tells the story of a certain celebrity footballer and his A-list wife (Poshoria) and their global brand - his trials and tribulations with his marriage, his manager, his beautiful game and, most importantly, his bendy ball. Starring Gary Cooke, (Après Match) a host of football musical veterans and some feisty young ladies, this is a show to cast off the winter chills and start having some fun again. This I Keano rip-off of epic proportions is sure to be a hit with fans of that spoof musical football comedy. Both writers - Gary Cooke and Malachy McKenna - will feature in the large cast which also includes I, Keano veterans Dessie Gallagher, Nicholas Grennell and Karl Harpur. Mackbecks runs at Cork Opera House from February 3rd to 14th.