Tripod Saturdays is bringing a fresh new night to Dublin's Gay Scene with an innovative sound and novel look breathing life into the place. If you're looking to add some sparkle to your Saturday night, Lust's lavish decor straddles the line between Victorian grandeur and Contemporary design with impeccable style. The mood is reminiscent of a plush members club, where pleasure-seekers can nuzzle in candle-lit corners, sipping heady cocktails of exotic liqueurs from distant seaports, whilst unpretentious fashionistas and the trendy-scene aficionados can enjoy pure, unadulterated fun on the dance floor. Every month Miguel Gonzalez and Guests will be bringing you the best in Queer Pop and Dirty House, the music is sexy & fun and special guest DJs mix up the pace making Lust an intense clubbing experience. This is a night of pure indulgence, with one common aim - the pursuit of pleasure! Whatever your mood this new kid on the block will cater for all, treating Dublin's alternative gay and their friends to endless evenings of unadulterated fun. Lust launches Saturday 15th November and continues the 1st Saturday of every month.