Two plays from a James Joyce-Cycle in five parts by Niksa Eterovic, dealing with the life and work of James Joyce, directed by Niksa Eterovic and performed by the teNTheater Berlin.
LUCIA JOYCE - la macchina della famiglia, the second part of the James Joyce-Cycle, is about Lucia Joyce, the author's highly gifted and sensitive daughter, adored by her father and his soul-mate, sent into madness by a jealous and envious mother and in tender competition with her brother Giorgio. The play shows how family life at the Joyces was determined by her mental illness and strong emotions; it tells about Lucia's birth, her stay in a mental hospital and about the life of the Joyce family during their stay in Trieste and Paris. Very emotional, very colourful, full of music, happiness and sometimes very sad - that's LUCIA JOYCE - la macchina della famiglia.

IRISHIRISIRISCHmurmelqietsch, the fourth part of the Joyce-Cycle, focuses on the life of James Joyce at the time when he had published his last book Finnegans Wake and was suffering from the effects of a life-long eye disease which had caused him to go almost blind by then. But it is also the story of his estrangement from the real world, his search for a new language, a story of pain caused not only by his blindness, but also by the mental illness of his daughter Lucia and his life-long battle for acceptance as a writer. There are pictures of a grotesque search for the object of sexual desire, of James Joyce having almost been tortured to death by physicians whetting their knives and, last but not least, it is a symphony based on Joyce's language, its rhythm, its sound plays, its humour, its pictorial nature.

The ensemble is international, the play multilingual (English included!), but don't be afraid: you will understand a lot without words and if not you can always have a glimpse at the sur-titles!

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A ticket for all three performances is available both at the OReilly and the Beckett Theatre for €34 ex fees.