Welcome to the 7th annual Limerick Film Festival 2016.

We are delighted to welcome film-makers to the city, from near and far. The passion for film in Limerick is growing all the time, not least with the advent of Troy Studios, which should represent an innovative development in our local film industry.

As always, we have been working hard to bring you a host of interesting and inspiring speakers and events over a threeday period. Damien O’Connor of Brown Bag Films and local film score composer, Dave Keary, are two of our noteworthy special guests.

Damien O’Connor has written and directed five award winning animated shorts: Mutt, Ledog, the IFTA nominated Dick Terrapin, IFTA nominated After You and Anya.

As a professional musician for over twenty five years, David Keary has established himself as one of Ireland’s most foremost guitarists and musicians (working with Van Morrison, Gregory Porter, Bobby Womack as well as many, many others). David is involved in many projects including running a successful studio in Limerick.

The Film Limerick trilogy will also be screened at this year’s festival, while US documentary Out of Nothing will receive its Irish premiere. The idea behind the project was a way of providing training and experience for those seeking to break into the film industry. Three short films were produced using local filmmakers mentored by Industry professionals. Gerard Stembridge selected three writers from Behind The Scenes and worked with these writers individually to make each script as good as it could be. He also took an overview, looking for connecting features and elements that would create links between the stories.

In addition, the Short Film Award Show makes a welcome return to the schedule. Saturday night’s awards ceremony honours professional and student film-makers across the different disciplines of film.