Pod welcome back the man they call the "Little Genius" on Friday June 26th at the home of dance music in Dublin. Josh Gabriel has a way of reaching inside you and pulling something magical out. His production, music, and lyrics have sent thousands into dance floor frenzies. By the early 90s, he applied his genius to founding Mixman Technologies, the first company to bring digital audio remixing to the masses. After Mixman, Josh rose to international fame as part of the duo Gabriel & Dresden. But even these accomplishments pale in comparison to his new solo effort "Eight." Inspired by his life and the city of Amsterdam, Josh approached his latest collection of tracks from the perspective of a dance floor purist, while at the same time imprinting enough soul to reach anyone, thanks to his brand of musical techno and groundbreaking production. Josh will be showcasing his new record label "Different Pieces" on June 26th in POD so expect to hear some upfront proper music on the night. Kick off your summer in style on Friday June 26th at POD. Tickets are priced €15 from tickets.ie and City Discs. Doors open at 11pm.