Jon Ronson: The Psychopath Test

Chairperson: Shane Hegarty

‘Ronson plays up to his charming buffoonery ... But he is an acute social commentator. He is compelling.’ Times Literary Supplement

He told ‘true tales of everyday craziness’ in Out of the Ordinary. He embarked on ‘adventures with extremists’ in Them – a ‘funny and compulsively readable picaresque adventure through a paranoid shadow world' (Louis Theroux, Guardian). He skewered the War on Terror in The Men Who Stare at Goats – ‘a narcotic road trip through the wackier reaches of Bush’s war effort’ (Observer). Now, in conversation with author and Irish Times journalist, Shane Hegarty, documentary maker, journalist and humourist Jon Ronson shares the bewildering truths he unearthed about madness and power in his latest investigative escapade, The Psychopath Test.

In this new book Jon meets, among others, the influential psychologist who developed this industry-standard ‘sanity check’ and who is convinced that many influential CEOs and politicians wouldn't make the grade! Armed with his new-found powers to ferret out highflying psychopaths, Jon heads into the corridors of power and uncovers an unsettling industry of madness.