As part of the Dublin Flamenco Festival:

'La Esencia' is a tradition flamenco show featuring dance, singing and guitar. It is simultaneously an exploration of the deep sorrow at the heart of flamenco, and a celebration of the joy it can evoke.

'La Esencia' is a look into the heart of a people who carry the emotion and sobriety of the Seguiriyas within them, whilst the joy of the bulerías is what is seen on the outside. Between these two extremes, they know how to find an intermediate nuance, in the same way that the greatest artists have done, such as Antonio Chacón, Manuel Torre, and La Paquera de Jerez.

'La Esencia' is like finding the promised land - created from the rhythm of the compás, a warm light, the aroma of the winery - by a diverse people who have found in flamenco a way to express life. Song, dance and musical accompaniment combine to create a Jerezano universal experience.

Emotion, in its purest state.