Join the multi award-winning creator of Caspar the Cartoon Kid, The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog, My Brother's Famous Bottom and I'm Telling You, They're Aliens for a whistlestop tour of life, the universe and batpants!

The delightfully silly and endlessly inventive world of Jeremy Strong is populated by hundred-mile-an-hour dogs, alligators in the bath and vacuum cleaners on the rampage. Not surprisingly, children (and their grown-ups) adore his books, tickled pink by their surreal humour and gripped by their devilishly good plots. Jeremy has won every award worth winning – usually twice, just in case! His bestseller There's a Viking in My Bed was recently dramatised for BBC TV and he claims to still have all his own teeth. As well as his books for younger children he has written two novels for teenagers: Stuff: The Life of a Cool Demented Dude (2005) and Weird (2008).