Jazzsteppa have been enthralling crowds across Europe for some time now with swollen tidal waves of bass and brass atop hard and rolling half step live rhythmns, that makes for an impressive sonic landscape.

Formed in 2006 at a two week Jazz mini festival in Berlin, the Jazzsteppa project brought musicians together with a love of sound experimentation and electronic music, merging different elements of early dubstep, drum & bass and dancehall with jazz. To date their experimentation has lead to collaborations with big name producers such as Benga, Rusko, Borgore and Untold. Their sound has all the dark deepness associated with the dubstep genre but the live horns and jazz percussions introduce an added sensualism and sophistication to the bass heavy high octane tracks.

Recent records like the "Investment Decision/Sweet Tooth" EP and the fantastic "Big Swing Sound" and their self-titled album last year reflect contemporary electronic artists on top of their game. The real beauty of Jazzsteppa though is that can perform tracks like these live and to great effect.