It has often been said that no two Jason Byrne shows are ever the same. Now the master of improvised comedy pushes the limits even further with the introduction of the wheel of stand up. This totally original stand up concept, which is either an act of extreme daring or supreme laziness, involves Jason not only letting the audience name the show but getting them to choose the topics discussed as they are invited to spin the wheel of random nonsense.

Don't miss the most talked about show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014. Talk that involved every other comedian in the world saying, 'He's doing what now? ... ah Jesus, why do we even bother!'
We've all watched Jason rip up the comedy rule book. Now watch him rip it up, set fire to it, defecate on it and point at it in derisory fashion.*

* This show contains no actual ripping, burning or defecating and only some mild derisory pointing.