Charlotte Bronte's love story with a difference takes an unconventional heroine - the plain, unremarkable governess Jane Eyre - and charts her growth to passionate, independent womanhood as she pursues her dream of marrying the man of her choice- the mysterious and tempestuous Edward Rochester. Jane Eyre is a story of love and madness, passion, retribution and self-fulfillment. Set against the tumultuous landscape of the Yorkshire Moors, this Victorian masterpiece of mystery and suspense is also a highly personal account of one woman's victory over the prejudice and discrimination which face her. Acclaimed and decried in equal measure when it first appeared, Jane Eyre was quite literally, a sensation. Its outspoken attitude towards society, religion and sex was revolutionary, while the rich mix of melodrama, Gothic horror and tempestuous romance makes for a theatrical tour-de-force. Featuring some of Ireland's most exciting emerging talent, City Theatre Dublin's new adaptation draws on a variety of theatre and performance styles to bring this powerful, vital drama to life onstage. Jane Eyre runs at The Mill Theatre, Dundrum from October 14th to 18th. Admission €20/€17 Matinee €12.50