Tours start daily from 9.30 onwards Monday to Saturday, and from 12:00 onwards on Sundays.

Tours run until 18:00 every day, except Thursdays when they run until 19.30.


Dubliners A Mini Adventure - is a self-guided audio-walking tour on headphones that invites you to walk the streets and historic buildings in which Joyce set four of his classic stories, whilst you listen to his short stories in situ, as they are told and performed for you on headphones by a large ensemble cast led by the celebrated Joycean actor Barry Mc Govern.

These stories are A Little Cloud, Counterparts, The beginning of Grace and The Sisters. This Adventure also includes eleven extra features on Joycean Dublin, Joyce's characters and the Dubliners they were based on, and most interestingly how Joyce's used the city you are walking through and its fine architecture to create his great tales.

‘Brilliantly delivered... an atmospheric journey through Edwardian Dublin with flawless dramatisations of the is spine tingling stuff...’ Daragh Reddin Metro

‘The tour is extremely impressive... beautiful recordings of fabulous stories... and a large cast of inspirationally voiced actors... for anyone who loves Joyce it’s a must’ Kate O’Connor, QualityWaffle

‘ A wonderfully conceived idea, walking the streets of Joyce's Dublin has a transporting effect that stays with you long after the Mp3 has been returned.’ Lauren O’Toole

‘A thrilling experience. At times it verges on the ghostly.’ Louise Finn The Dubliner.

An accomplished adaptation...a treat for any fan’ Eithne Shorthall,
The Sunday Times.

Listen to how James Joyce's Dubliners sounds.  Sound Trailer for Dubliners -

An audio book of all ten stories in Wonderland's Dubliners is available to purchase at the James Joyce Centre or online.

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Tour starts daily from 9.30 onwards from the Chapters Bookstore, rain or shine. On Sunday tours start from 12.00 onwards.

The Mini Adventure takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete (with pub breaks) mostly by foot, and somewhat less when using a bicycle or public transport. Shorter route and story suggestions from 1-2 hours are available with your map on the day. MP3 players, headphones and maps must be returned by 18.00 on the day of rental, the time that the Chapters Bookstore closes.