Inverse is an exciting new project for LGBT young people, kicking off on the 4 May: a 6-week programme of creative writing workshops, activities, a theatre trip, and talks by high-profile guest LGBT writers.

A group of LGBT young people will, over the course of these 6 weeks, create original pieces of creative writing, and have the opportunity to present them in a public spoken word event in June, 2013.

Speakers at the series include novelists Denis Kehoe and Brian Finnegan, also the editor of GCN; feature journalist Una Mullally; and playwright Sonya Kelly, author of Solpadeine is my Boyfriend, appearing in May in the Project Arts Centre.

Inverse is an initiative which aims to provide young people, facing new and sometimes challenging realities, with the creative tools to negotiate them. It aims to generate positive narratives for LGBT young people, and to empower and strengthen LGBT identities. It is being run on voluntary energy,

Inverse has been devised by two writers, Nicole Rourke and Nathan O’Donnell, in conjunction with the Dublin arts organisation, Big Smoke Writing Factory.