Who decides if you belong or not? Liz Roche Company present their latest dance show Interloper as part of Dublin Dances into Spring.

Interloper [in-ter-loh-per]: a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong...

Questioning your place amongst people and wondering if you truly belong happens to us all. Who decides if you belong or not? Isn't there something life-affirming in deciding not to listen to your doubting inner voice too much, but instead jump into each new situation not knowing what treasures you might find?

Interloper features dancers Liz Roche and Henry Montes, actress Caitríona Ní Mhurchú and drummer Bryan O’Connell with lighting from Lee Curran and set and costume design by Joe Vanek. This eclectic group of individuals come together to create a quirky and heartfelt dance piece that explores identity, infiltration, trust and belonging.

If you’ve never experienced contemporary dance before, perhaps now is the time to trespass into new territory and gate-crash a dance show with a difference from one of Ireland’s leading dance companies.

'Liz Roche is an artist with a serious track record...' Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

'Roche's choreography is delicately woven but its threads possess an elusive tensile strength. Entrancing.' Donald Hutera The Times


Interloper features as part of DUBLIN DANCES into SPRING, a new collaboration where Liz Roche Company, Irish Modern Dance Theatre and CoisCéim Dance Theatre come together to celebrate the art form with a feast of home-grown and diverse dance.