I Am Bear

Presented by Polliwog Theatre Collective

“We’re going on a bear hunt”, a journey you’ve been on before: with parents, siblings and friends. What if it isn’t a bear you’re hunting, but something that scares you all the same? What if we’re going on a hunt for ourselves, the person we hide? What if we’re exposed?
Join Polliwog Theatre Collective and their original interpretation of this classic children’s song of journeys, obstacles and being scared. A blend of movement and text shadow the self-examination of growing up. Enveloped in an ever-changing atmosphere of sound and subtle lighting this piece evokes the familiar, seen through new eyes.


All About... The Ins & Outs

Presented by Slap/Pals

"...The problem isn't that we think too much about sex , We're merely just thinking about it in the wrong way..."
Slap/Pals present their debut theatrical event – An attempt to provide a fresh and stimulating look at the inner-workings of our oldest and best loved past-time.

Join our Sexologists (in-training) in their specially designed Lab, as they amuse and enthuse you to think, chat, laugh and ponder about all things intimately weird and weirdly intimate.
We’'ll be investigating Love, Lust, Fetish, Adultery, Porn - All in the hopes of readjusting the way we treat our most unusual activity.