'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gardai'
A girl is nearly deported from Ireland. So what’s the big deal? Lili seeks to find the answer through her personal experience within the quagmire of immigration. From Ireland to her native New Mexico Lili explores immigration and why it’s an issue everyone is so damned worried about.

‘The Secret Art of Murder’
A one-man show, which investigates the mysterious demise of the playwright Christopher Marlowe. Combining the forms of American film noir and Marlowe’s signature blank verse, it questions the nature of truth, history and the very essence of narrative. A controversial figure of the Elizabethan era who, according to T.S. Eliot, “was stabbed with a dagger and died swearing” in 1593, Marlowe was summoned before the Privy Council in relation to accusations of atheism and heresy only ten days prior to his killing. This investigation focuses upon his past as a government double-agent and the shady figures found within the secret theatre of Elizabethan espionage, all of whom surrounded him up to the moment of his fatal stabbing.