Temple Bar Gallery and Studios is presenting a digital film installation by Operating Theatre in collaboration with master cinematographer Christopher Doyle. The installation, entitled Here Lies in film... is a reworking of  a durational installation called Here Lies, inspired by the account and experience of Antonin Artaud (1896 -1948), the hugely influential French playwright, poet, actor and director. Via an intentionally jagged, choreography of sound, image and action the original theatricality of Here Lies translates into another medium where the content of the earlier version is both expanded and intensified. Here Lies in film vividly communicates the extremes and dualites that may beset the creative mind. In the visual arts context also such a theme is entirely appropriate. Operating Theatre creates performance based work with music as a core element. In its twenty-eight year history, Operating Theatre has produced a diverse portfolio of work using processes which have included the integration of music technology with original composition, found and commissioned texts, and live performance. The company's work has been presented in both conventional and non theatrical environments. Here Lies in Film is the company's inaugural piece in this medium. This exhibition runs from the 26th of September until 1st November.