Double, double toil and trouble, it's time for the Halloween Fest at Westport House to yet again rumble! This year's annual family scare festival runs for the duration of the mid-term break.

Central to the Halloween Fest is the beautiful 16 Century 'Haunted' Westport House. With a range of new activities and workshops, including the popular story-time with the White Witch, colouring competitions, Halloween characters, Jack O' Lantern Carving, spooky spoons and thriller dance workshops along with the annual fireworks show, families are sure to have a 'scream' of a time. Not only that, but kids will get shivers down their backs at the pirate adventure park as they plunge on the cannonball run slide, dangle on the pirates swinging ship and thrust into the Pirate Plunge log flume ride. Even walking around the historic Westport House is an eerie experience. The Haunted House where the workshops take place will be open from 11am to 5pm daily, with rides and attractions open from 1pm to 5pm daily.

Regular pricing applies – buy yours in the tourist office or at your hotel to get great deals – AND the next day FREE!