Kevin Kilbane, he of Irish soccer fame, will be joining Groove Armada in Dublin tonight for a very special gig.

Kilbane will take to the stage to perform an opening DJ set for the first time ever before the electronic music duo. The surprise set will take place tonight at Dublin’s District 8.
Unfortunately, tickets have already sold out, but if you're one of the lucky ones with a ticket, you are in for one hell of a treat.

The surprise appearance of Kilbane comes from AIB's new campaign 'Backing Doing'. AIB want people to get off their arses and get doing the things that they've always wanted to do. It turns out that Kilbane is a massive music fan, and to DJ in front of a live audience has always been a passion of his.

AIB have taken Kilbane under their wing for the past four weeks, and have given him training. Today FM’s Kelly-Anne Byrne and even Groove Armada themselves have provided mentoring for the ex-Republic of Ireland soccer player, and tonight is his biggest event.

For those without tickets, you'll have to tune into AIB's YouTube channel on Monday night to see how Kilbane does.