The Gonzo Theatre Company presents

‘The Great Couch Rebellion’

By Philip Doherty

Tied forever to a mortgage, a penned-up Adam and Eve reach breaking
point when they decide to rise up from their couch and lead Ireland in a new rebellion. Adam has lost his job, friends, and ability to interact with the outside world.
He spends his days and nights consumed by the media as Ireland's current political disorder rips through the relationship with his long suffering Greek girlfriend. However, she rises up to try and convince him that they can be the catalyst to a New World Order. Conspiracy theories, biblical mythology and historical analogies are rife in this political black, comedy by award winning playwright Philip Doherty.

Paul Marron, Margarita Grillis and Kevin McGahern

‘Three absolutely first rate performances.’- Emer O’Kelly, Sunday Independent.

‘Compelling and hilarious.’- Irish Theatre Magazine.