The Civic Theatre is proud to announce a rare opportunity to see Mr. Gay Byrne, one of the most loved television and radio personalities in history, for a live performance. In his five decade broadcasting career, Gay Byrne was 'the man who changed Ireland'. From senior politicians to senior clergy to the brightest stars in the Hollywood firmament, he has been a confessor figure to the good, the bad and the ugly.

At 77, he’s now in happy semi-retirement but during his exhilarating two hour plus show, he talks about all the extraordinary moments he has witnessed or been at the centre of. From secondhand Donegal tombstones to US president Calvin Coolidge to first meeting Kathleen Watkins on Dawson Street, he covers an array of the insightful, the intuitive and the ingenious.

Listen to the behind-the-scenes stories of the stars and the star-makers with Ireland’s foremost legendary broadcaster in his first solo stage show. Produced by John McColgan

'Superb…exhilarating…ingenious…a thoroughly enjoyable evening.' - The Irish Times