Have you ever wondered about the term 'fusion' and what it means in relation to dance? Come and experience a variety of dance styles and cultures and explore how they inform, inspire and fuse into one another!

FUSION IN MOTION is an eclectic dance show that fuses Eastern and Western dance practices into a unique and completely new experience to Ireland.
Bringing together some of the best Irish and International dance artists, it represents the variety of world dance culture - from Indian, flamenco and Middle Eastern to classical Russian ballet, contemporary, street dance and yoga.

One of the highlights of the show is Tribal Fusion Bellydance. It is the latest evolutionary stage of belly dance which fuses middle eastern dance with modern dance vocabulary, and will be represented by an acclaimed UK dance artist Alexis Southhall.

FUSION IN MOTION is the perfect weekend entertainment to kick off your summer on a positive note.

Early Bird: €10 tickets when booked before June 8th