Everyone wants a career in pop and if The Saturdays can do it, then, by God, so can you. After a rigorous education at the School of Pop (Edinburgh Fringe sell-out smash 2009), and intellectual training during The College Years (again, Edinburgh fringe sell-out smash 2010), it’s time to move out of your parents’ house and get a f**king job.

Everything you need is at F&M’s Pop Centre Plus. Meticulous analysis of your skills and strengths will reveal your optimum careerpath. Are you a Bieber? Maybe more Cher? Or just The Wanted? If you don’t sign on, you WILL NEVER KNOW.

“The most fun you can have on the Fringe without chemicals… There ain’t no party like an F&M party!”
***** Chortle
“…more redolent of a flashy turn by Lady Gaga than your average comedy club night.” The Telegraph

As part of The Dublin Fringe Festival