Michael returns to his local town to take over the running of his sick father’s sweet shop. Here he encounters Cass, his closest childhood friend who has also returned to the town because of familial obligations. The sight of each other catapults both Michal and Cass into internal conflict as they relive their past and question their present and future.

The Sweet Shop blurs the boundaries of the real and the imaginary, playing between the past and the present, the internal and the external. Employing Fregoli’s characteristic style, both actors play multiple characters, incorporating music, voice and movement in an energetic performance.

The Sweet Shop has been performed to audiences in Galway, Boyle, Limerick and Cork this is its Dublin debut.

‘Tivnan’s dialogue is strikingly nuanced, blending moving poetry with humorous vernacular and an ability to find immense beauty within modest subject matter’ - Irish Theatre Magazine 2012