Two elderly ladies are taking care of patients in hospital. 70-year-old, Axun, is looking after her daughter’s ex-husband and Maite, is looking after the man in the next bed. They don’t recognise one another at first but suddenly they realise that they were best friends when they were teenagers.

Despite having drifted apart in the intervening years, Axun to settle down and get married, Maite to travel the world, they quickly realise that the chemistry they shared as young ladies is as electric now as it was 50 years earlier. The two women have a wonderful time in each other’s company and Axun struggles with her feelings as she grows ever closer to Maite. Despite her struggle, her feelings come bubbling to the surface and she is left with a difficult choice, to give in to her heart or to follow her head.

For 80 Days is a journey of self discovery and it’s wonderful to watch older people struggle with themes that are more often associated with teenagers. The director displays the deftest of touches and the blossoming relationship is dealt with humorously and sensitively. The lead performances are outstanding and For 80 Days is a film of tremendous warmth, appeal and insight and winner of the 2010 San Sebastian Film Commission Award.

Jason O’Mahony,
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

José Mari Goenaga and Jon Garaño will attend the screening

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