Incredible double header DJ night for you all.
Classically trained genius Sam Sheppard aka Floating Points and underrated Hip Hop virtuoso Edan come together for a mouth watering club night.

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points is one of the driving forces behind Eglo Records. As a Co-Founder and the first artist to release on the label, its fair to say that the young Mr Shepherd contributes a large piece to the Eglo puzzle. A neuroscientist by day, Dj/Producer/Composer by night, Floating Points knows no boundaries when it comes to creativity and expression. Classically trained from a young age and with a strong passion for Jazz, Floating Points has progressed into one of the worlds most exciting producers, as well as one of the club scenes leading Dj's. - See more at:

Edan Portnoy aka Edan The Deejay is the critically acclaimed Boston based rapper-producer-DJ-historian Edan Portnoy made a dent on the underground hip-hop scene in 1999 with the twelve-inch Sing it Shitface, but it wasn't until his first release on Lewis Recordings that Edan garnered interest from both rock and hip-hop circles first in the UK then later, in his native US.

Primitive Plus introduced Edan's unique and irreverent take on hip-hop's past while his next album Beauty and the Beat saw him successfully incorporating elements of 60's psychedelia. Both albums were showered with praise, cementing Edan's reputation as one of the most daring and adventurous artists in modern day hip-hop