ANIMATION WORKSHOP Boulder Media - Animation Workshop Friday 26th September 2014

SPEAKERS: Creative Director Rob Cullen: Directors x 3:

Rob Cullen Founder Creative Director – Boulder Media Main speaker

Robert Cullen Workshop Speaker FFF 2014 - Creative Director with Boulder Media - Animation Group Robert Cullen is the founder and creative director of Boulder Media, an animation production company based in Dublin. Since 2000 Boulder has produced TV series for all the major international broadcasters including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, BBC and Disney. Their work on projects such as 'The Amazing World of Gumball' has won them two Baftas, an Emmy and an Annie award.

In 2007 Robert was nominated for an Emmy for his work on 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends'. Boulder Media currently employs 75 people full time and are presently working on season two of 'Randy Cunningham- 9th Grade Ninja' for Disney Europe., it’s just been announce that Boulder will be producing the new TV series of Danger Mouse for CBBC.


Case Study Workshop : 'Fresh Cut Grass' Animation short Film ( RT: 4: 50)
Workshop Full Day : (10am - 54m ) Friday 26th September 2014
Venue : VIP Screen, Movies at Swords , Pavilions Centre, Swords Co Dublin.

PRE-PRODUCTION: (10am-1pm)
Concept Designs- Established the look and style of the short accompanied by stills and images of artwork that inspired the look of the film.Character Design- Looking at the final model sheets of the characters as well as model sheets from our other productions.

Storyboards/Animatic- This covers how we took the script to storyboard stage. Explain how important the storyboarding in regards to camera shots and pacing etc.Backgrounds- A look at how we developed the style of the backgrounds and environments. How colour plays a vital part in setting the mood and tone of a scene etc.

PRODUCTION ( 2pm - 5pm )
ANIMATION- Covers the process of animating a scene. What materials is he/she provided with? What are the principals of animation. We can then run through examples of how a scene starts as rough animation and end with a finish piece.

COMPOSITING- This is the part of production where a compositor takes the animation and background and start to add light and shade to the scenes, camera move, glows, fx etc. It’s a hugely important part of the process. We’ve always found that when we run people through what our compositors do and how they can completely the look of a shot.