6pm Screening – Friday 26th September – Volskwagen Joe

A Boy Named Hashtag (Animation)
Model Life (Short Film)
Dorochadas (Irish Language)
The Audition (Short Film)
I'll Be Home Soon (Short Film)
The Bloggs (Animation)

Volkswagen Joe (Short Film)
Synopsis - Volkswagen Joe is a drama set in a small border-town during the height of the "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Joe is a dedicated, hardworking mechanic who services cars for both sides of the political divide. Unfortunately for Joe, both communities view his evenhandedness with suspicion and while he's restoring a vintage Volkswagen for his friend, the local RUC inspector,  a young Republican sees this as the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself.
Joe is now forced into an impossible decision of endangering the people he loves by becoming either a collaborator or a murderer.