6:30pm Screening – Sunday 28th September – Dah Zivota (A Breath of Life)

The Note (Short Drama)
Not Anymore (Short Documentary)
Tears (Animation)
Luke (Short Drama)

Dah Zivota (Documentary)
Film 'A Breath of Life' is inspired by tragedy of babies in Banjaluka at the beginning of the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 1992. Due to ground and air blockade, hospital in Banjaluka lacked oxygen, which is vital for newborns, in the first minutes of their lives. Aircraft, laden with the bottles of oxygen, was waiting for a days at the airport in Belgrade, for permission of United Nations to take-off.

The hero of the film is a boy, Marko Medakovic, who is the only one surviving figure of this drama, which leads to death twelve babies, of different nations. Marko is survived, but he can't walk and even speak, which is permanent consequence of lack of oxygen in the first moments of his life. His mother, Snezana is talking about her son's life and the events that marked his coming to this world.