4pm Screening – Saturday 27th September – Jardin de Amapolas

The Last Gift (Short Film)
A Big Deal (Short Comedy)
Lucky Day (Short Film)
Das Kind (Short Film)
Lines In The Sand (Short Film)

Jardin de Amapolas (Feature Film)
Synopsis - In Colombia cultivating poppies (Amapolas) is a dangerous, but lucrative business. Farmer EMILIO and his 9 year-old son SIMON, are exiled by rebels and find refuge in Cousin WILSON’s home. Emilio is forced to work in the Amapola crop while Simon befriends LUISA, a girl of his age. She is obsessed with playing with a puppy dog she can't afford. Simon steals it for her everyday, but returns it each night. One day, Wilson discovers Simon’s secret to use him for his own greedy plan…