Family Voices / One For The Road
by Harold Pinter

Fast Intent present two plays by Harold Pinter as part of a double bill- Family Voices followed by One for the Road. The main event, One for the Road, is a play about the interrogation of a family by a charming, sinister official. It is one of Pinter's darkest and angriest plays, although it never lets go of the jet black humor that Pinter was famous for. Family Voices was written as a radio play, and consists of a series of monologues by a son, his mother and his dead father. It touches on many of the themes evident throughout Pinter's entire body of work; issues of memory and communication; the dark side of family life; the different relationships that occur in families. In contrast to One for the Road, this play focuses much more on the humour of the characters' interactions, without losing the threat and tension often associated with Pinter.

We hope that in pairing these plays we are giving our audience the opportunity to experience a range of themes and issues that appear throughout Pinter's work. They overlap in their representation of the family as an institution, and we want to draw attention to how Pinter always works to intertwine the political and the personal. In his life he took the political personally, and in his work, personal relationships always come down to power and politics.

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