Dublin Dance Festival celebrates its 15th edition this year. The festival brings the best Irish and international dance artists to Dublin stages each May. It brings artists and audiences together to create and share exceptional, provocative and relevant dance experiences.

The Dublin Dance Festival 2019 programme strands cover 'Power of Party', 'Dedication to Dance', 'The Shifting World' and 'Moving Every Body'.

Here's what you need to know about 'The Shifting World.'



Our world seems to spin faster every day, leaving us reeling to keep up. Politics, the environment, technology, identity – dance offers us space to consider our everchanging reality, bringing us new perspectives.



Dive head first into the unknown with AFTER, a rough cut of what we might experience when life as we know it is over.

One of the hits of the 2018 Dublin Fringe Festival, AFTER dives head first into this unknown.

The performers on stage echo, challenge and respond to their on-screen meltdowns, relaying an experience that is dark, but shot with humour.

AFTER by Liv O'DonoghueAFTER by Liv O'Donoghue


Explore two contrasting realities in Phoenix, a fascinating and disconcerting piece for drones and dancers that connects live via Skype with artists living in Gaza.

The piece evokes two opposing realities – one of innocent childhood play, the other of deadly modern warfare.

Phoenix by Eric Minh Cuong CastaingPhoenix by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing


Immerse the family in a playful multicultural adventure that speaks to the young and not so young alike in W.A.M. We Are Monchichi, presented at the O’Reilly Theatre in partnership with The Ark.

The piece mixes storytelling, hip-hop, classical and contemporary dance. Two dancers from different worlds search for ways to understand each other in a humorous game of cat and mouse.

Shihya Peng (born in Taiwan, living in Paris) and Marco Di Nardo (born in Naples, living in Berlin) invite young audiences into their story. With each move, jump or chase, they seek to find a country to live in together, and with others.

W.A.M. We Are Monchichi by Company Wang RamirezW.A.M. We Are Monchichi by Company Wang Ramirez


Other events at DDF

The DDF Extended programme offers audiences and communities a chance to dive in and experience more. Partnering with The Digital Hub, Dublin Dance Festival and Selina Thompson bring 'The Missy Elliot Project' to Dublin this year. It's an opportunity for women and girls of colour, aged 14-17, to make a VR experience akin to an old-school Missy Elliott video.

A wide selection of Workshops & Master Classes are also available for everyone from young children to dance practitioners.

A dynamic programme of Works-In-Development by some of Ireland’s most exciting dance artists, a series of Dance on Film and Discussions provide new perspectives on the artform of dance.


For more information, to download the brochure and to book tickets, visit www.dublindancefestival.ie.