Danish maverick director Christoffer Boe delivers his most slickly commercial film yet with the ironically titled Everything Will Be Fine. Reworking the dark paranoid thrillers of the Vietnam era for the Afghanistan generation, the director shows himself to be as able a craftsman as any of his compatriots.

Jacob Falk (Albinus), a director obsessed with the screenplay for his new movie, accidentally comes across some pictures of Iraqi prisoners allegedly being tortured. His efforts to discover their origin lead him to mistrust everyone around him. Suspecting a political conspiracy, Falk falls into a frenetic chase to reveal the mystery behind the photos and he discovers a truth more disturbing than he imagined.

Boyd van Hoeij, Variety

Danish director Christoffer Boe returns to Cannes seven years after winning the Camera d’Or, a psychological thriller whose enigmatic structure will have audiences constantly trying to put together the pieces of a fast-changing puzzle. The spot-on performances from the leads elevate the film from simple bathos, even down to the smallest roles. Steen is captivating even when she does nothing and Søren Malling the embodiment of icy evil.

Natasha Senjanovic, Associated Press