At this time we will have 3 Super Djs! The International Superstar Dj Daniele D'Alessandro (Club Farm, Milan - home of Matinee Club Pervert and Easter La Demence Brussels, Belgium), our own Resident Fashion Dj Arthuro Cavalli (Euphoria and Alegria Dublin and Society Sao Paulo Brazil and Dj Paddy Scahill (Dragon and Bukakke Dublin) who will spoil you with amazing beats till your hearts complete and not to mention our very talented super sexy Dancers.

Doors 10pm
Admission adavnce 10 EURO ex fee (gives you Q Jump)
Venue Abbey Hotel Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1


DJ Daniele D'Alessandro

Up and coming Dj and Producer in the panorama of Italian and international house clubbing, Daniele D'Alessandro , took his first steps in the club-scene very early. You might say it's a family trait. His father was a dancer, DJ and organizer of evening events which catapulted his into the world of house. D'Alessandro was born in the countryside, in Frosinone, a place way too small for the likes of him .

He always knew he would live out his adult life in Milan. In 2006 he works his way into the city of fashion bringing his career to a higher level, becoming an excellent personal trainer in one of the most famous fitness clubs of Milan.

He takes these moves into his dancing. Gifted in house dancing skills, he's happy to show them in some of the most prestigious dance clubs of Northern Italy (Pascia, Amnesia, DeSade, Hollywood). But his passion for music ever increases, until one day his best friend takes him to her DJ brother's shop, the famous in town 'Nika Music Store'. Here he acquires his first vinyl and feels immediately the indomitable desire of learning all the secrets of being a DJ.

His passion and eagerness to learn develops a steady zeal without distraction, very often during entire nights (to the delight of his neighbors), until he was ready for his public debut.
He begins spinning for friends and in private parties but soon enough he longs for 'the real thing' - to share his passion for house music and unleash it for the general public. One day the opportunity he awaited so intensely was offered to him. He was to manage 'the consoles' for the warm up of the most famous gay scene party of Milan (Barbarella). From that point it all picks up momentum and he becomes one of the resident DJs of the party.

His interest in music, originality, and passion allow him to create a strong symbiosis with the public, which leads to many positive feedbacks. His sound has been defined as 'original, sophisticated, full of energy' or even a 'DIRTY SOUND'. The sound of D'Alessandro makes you want to dance and lets you be carried along by the magic and the emotion of the sound's rhythms in his compositions. A natural talent as 'music designer' allows him to mix with a powerful and unusual sound in all different genres: from Deep, Underground and Old School to Tribal, Tech and Progressive House. Listening to this very personal sound, you know straight away it's Daniele D'Alessandro DJ (aka DDJ!)

After some months he is already in demand being offered the opportunity to take Barbarella on tour in Italy. He is chosen to be in charge of music in very glamorous parties. His presence as 'the guest DJ' is in demand for parties all over Italy and even the fitness club where he was working as PT asks him to provide DJ-sets.

His relationship with the public is so lively and strong that on New Year's 2011, he decides in collaboration with partners, to launch a new house party concept for Saturday evenings in Milan! And a new brand is born! -'Hero Club', which immediately brands itself thanks to its innovative and catchy character.

D'Alessandro, not only organizer but of also resident DJ, has accomplished his mission of making his fans go totally wild on the dance-floor. After great success and praise, also at international level is regards to the Hero Club (that became later The Farm Milano), he decides to head for new adventures and new projects. Working out on his world wide DJ carrier and sharing his fully love for House Music making his own beats as a Producer. His ambitious objective is to design new concepts in order to surprise, once again, his public.