Hard dance descends on Galway on Bank Holiday Sunday 6 June as Planetlove presents the official Goodgreef Euphoria Album Tour in the GPO. Euphoria is the latest album released from UK brand Goodgreef and features three CDs of sound mixed by some of the biggest stars in hard dance and Euphoria; Kutski, Andy Whitby vs Technikal and Ed Real. And after touring the UK for three months the official Album Party finally arrives in Ireland – complete with the CD's biggest artists! Kutski is BBC Radio 1's hard dance and hardcore maestro. His weekly Friday night show is an essential diet for harder-edged music lovers across the UK and has helped Kutski secure bookings across Europe, Australia and beyond. One of the most technically-gifted DJs on the planet, Kutski regularly mixes, cuts, slices and scratches his way through multiple genres as he takes his fans on a journey through the harder styles of electronic music. Andy Whitby is widely acknowledged by his peers as the man pushing the boundaries of hard dance. A seasoned professional of the genre Whitby has played every major hard dance event in the UK, whipping crowds into a frenzy with his mixture of remixes, bootlegs and re-edits. Planetlove team up with Goodgreef to present the Goodgreef Euphoria Album Tour at the GPO in Galway on Bank Holiday Sunday 6 June. Kutski and Andy Whitby lead proceedings with support coming in the form of Michael Doherty and Damo Kay. Doors open 10pm and admission is only 15 euros.