Meet Gina Devine. She’s hopeless… a hopeless dreamer: fame, fortune, and water fights with Michael Jackson – a chance to flee her formidable past. She wants to soar… to fly… to dance. But Gina is hopeless, as everyone knows.

HotForTheatre brings you an inspiring story of salvation and deliverance.

This is the compelling journey of Gina’s transformation: a poignant account of redemption and release. Nothing is impossible… well maybe the moonwalk, but Gina’s gotta dance.

Eternal Rising of the Sun was originally produced in association with Irish Theatre Institute at the Dublin Theatre Festival 2011. It was part of the ReViewed programme, a showcase of successful Irish productions restaged in partnership with Culture Ireland and Irish Theatre Institute, at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2012. Eternal Rising of the Sun will have its Australian premiere at FRINGE WORLD 2013 in the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts as part The Blue Room’s Summer Nights programme.

A Nice Thing Said About The Show:

‘the most ferociously young and brilliant performer I saw…..writes with such passion, conviction, sincerity, humour and attention to detail’ – The Scotsman